Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Magni’s heavy telehandler range (HTH) is suitable for the hire and rental industry for use on a wide range of construction and mining applications.

According to Tony Lockwood, Telehandler Product Manager for CEA, hire and rental companies are able to consolidate and simplify their supply chains with Magni Telehandlers.

“These telehandlers can be used in construction to handle precast and prefabricated elements and in controlling containers,” says Tony.

“Applications such as rolling out geotextile on soft ground or slopes is possible with these telehandlers.” He adds, “They can also be used to place bulk material over geotextile, pipes in wide trenches or behind retaining walls.”

To meet the needs of the Australian construction and resources sectors, Magni has developed a broad range of high capacity telehandlers.

The HTH range of high capacity fixed boom telescopic handlers are versatile machines, capable of handling loads of up to 45 tonnes and have a maximum lifting height of 14 metres.

“These telehandlers are specifically designed for durability and reliability under extreme conditions,” says Tony.

He adds, “They have been built with a rigid structure and heavy-duty components, making the range perfect for many applications.”

Magni heavy duty telehandlers are able to perform the roles of both a high-capacity forklift and a site crane, with the added versatility of having a wide range of attachments.

“We have forks, tyre handlers, winches, man platforms, hooks, jibs, remote controls and buckets,” says Tony.

The electronic safety system controls the load with definition of the lifted load, radius and comparison with the diagrams stored.

“The safety system shows the block of aggravating movements of the load and the safety valves on cylinders,” says Tony.

Other features of the Magni HTH range of Telescopic Telehandlers include:

  • ROPS/FOPS pressurised cabs
  • Inlet air filtration and high-capacity air conditioning
  • Patented quick-attach system for easy attachment swapping
  • RFID automatic attachment recognition
  • Electronic load limiting
  • Easy-to-operate touch screen control system


For more information or to request a demo or quote, please contact us.

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