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Monday, September 24, 2018

The Dynapac D.ONE trench compactor is a radio-controlled articulated roller. This trench roller has low and high amplitude vibration to guarantee the best compaction results.

The Dynapac trench roller reduces operating costs by:

  • Providing an ECO-mode
  • Maintenance- free articulated joint
  • Fast trouble-shooting and machine diagnostics



Articulated steering combined with radio controlled remote lets you manoeuvre the D.ONE with ease to get the job done faster.

The D.ONE comes with an operating weight around 1.6 t / 3500 lb, the choice of two vibration amplitudes, and an exciter on both drums – all for one good reason, to achieve ‘best compaction results’!

To ensure even compaction and a level surface, the Automatic Vibration Control feature regulates the travel speed during vibration.



Active Zone System ensures operator safety by halting the machine when the operator is standing or moving too close to the unit.

Interference free technology ensures that the user operates only one roller with his remote control, this ensures unintended operation of any other rollers is prevented ensuring a safe working environment.



In a tight spot? Remove the pad drum extension in minutes to go to a smaller width.

Looking for flexible scrapers for the pad drum? We have it!

If you don’t want to leave any marks, pick the smooth drum option.



Kubota engine combined with ECO-mode function offers excellent savings in fuel costs.

Superior access to service points and fast diagnostics with an error code display facilitates quick troubleshooting.

Fully enclosed exciter design aimed to maximize the life time and uptime of the exciters.

Maintenance-free articulated joint.


For more information on trench rollers please call 1300 788 757.

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