Some compaction jobs are tougher than others. Whether steep, tight or loose soils the LP 8504 Trench Compactor will pull through.

Clay and silt are the toughest soils there is. Add tight corners, obstacles and steep slopes and you have the home turf of the LP 8504 Trench Compactor. Despite its capabilities to handle really tough conditions regular work in connection with backfills, parking lots or similar projects is handled equally easy.

Thanks to the unibody skid steer design a 90-degree corner in a tight trench is an easy manoeuvre. The reliable Hatz engine will deliver all the power you ever need and the extra tall pads make sure you have both traction and compaction to handle your daily tasks. The Bluetooth remote control lets you work at up to 30 meter distance, far away from noise, fumes and risk of landslips. Since Bluetooth technology uses radiowaves, the remote control and the machine does not need a direct line of sight between each other. To keep you up and running at all times each unit comes with two batteries and onboard charging. A cable control is also available.

We want to keep you profitable and an important part of that is uptime. The LP 8504 is equipped with a hydraulic oil cooler that reduces wear on components and prolongs service intervals. The same fan also cools the battery for extended life time.

Quick Spec

Operating Weight (basic/wide)
Engine Make
Hatz 2G40
Rated Power
Starting method
Drum width (basic/wide)

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