The LT range is easy to use and offers big performance. The LT 800 13″ rammer is reliable, easy to maintain and fuel efficient. The LT 800 13″ rammer weighs 85kg and has a plate width of 330mm.

High centrifugal force and speed contribute to deep and effective compaction. The slimmer design facilitates handling close to walls, posts or in narrow trenches. Atlas Copco Rammers are versatile compaction tools developed for work on cohesive and granular soils, e.g. for repair and improvements to trenches, ditches, backfills and foundations. They are easy to handle in every stage of operation and reliable in all conditions – and work equally well regardless of when and how often they are used.

LT Rammers have the power and speed necessary to compact dirt, clay and silt. You get the quality you deserve and you get the job done in time. Even when conditions are tough.

Quick Spec

Operating Weight
Engine Make & Model
Hatz 1B20
Rated Power
Plate width/ length
Frequency/ Amplitude

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