The LX90 weighs 96kg and has a plate width of 450mm. The soil LX range of round vibration plates can be used in any soil, sand and gravel compaction applications however they are not recommended for asphalt applications as they lack the required water tank (see asphalt LF range).

The unusual round bottom plate design allows for increased manoeuvrability and allows you to get closer to obstacles during compaction. Due to the slightly smaller surface areas of the plate the LX90 also offers higher compaction efficiency than comparative weight square plates.

When you start up the engine all you should think about is how to do a great job on time and on budget. The LX walk behind compactor range has a smart, low maintenance design that allows you to spend time on actual compaction work instead of doing time wasting maintenance jobs such as bottom plate cleaning, pipe cleaning and belt repairs. Of course our machines need maintenance from time to time however by using world class petrol engines from Honda we are able to reduce downtime significantly. Along with our state of the art V-Belt design with a Kevlar cord through its centre adding strength and a cooling fan with ventilated cover keeping belt temperatures low the LX range of compactors won’t let you down.

Ideal jobs include smaller repair and maintenance works such as residential/commercial electrical and plumbing trench work, concrete slab preparations, driveways, subdivisions and landscaping works the LX90 performs particularly well around footings and trenches that require tight cornering. The LX range currently only covers the single LX90 product.

Quick Spec

Operating Weight
Engine Make & Model
Honda GX160
Rated Power
Plate Width/Length
450mm (dia.)

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