Meet the LG164 Diesel plate compactor, with plate widths from 350mm to 600mm and operating weights of 166, 170 or 176 kgs  the LG164 is ideal for lighter compaction tasks such as driveways, pathways and trench work. They are ideal when macadam beds are thinner and you need a compactor that can move around corners fast. Thanks to lower operating mass and narrower bottom plates the LG164 is nimble and responsive. Low vibration levels make you effective and allows long operating duration without being exposed to harmful vibration levels. All LG164 Diesel models come equipped with a Hatz  1B20 diesel, manual pull start engine.

With standard features such as a solid steel frame, built in lifting point, Hardox 400 steel bottom plate, throttle and directional control located on the vibration reduced handle and protection covers for the engine area the LG164 is an easy to use plate compactor that won’t let you down.

Available plate widths and operating weights:

350mm wide – 166KG

450mm wide – 170KG

600mm wide – 176KG


Quick Spec

Operating Weight (basic/wide)
Engine Make & Model
Hatz 1B20
Rated Power
Plate Width/Optional

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