Meet the LH700 Diesel plate compactor, with plate widths from 660mm to 960mm and operating weights between 780 and 829kgs depending on width the LH700 is a monster machine, ideal for the hardest compaction tasks such as major subdivisions, large concrete slab preparation, major infrastructure works and is the perfect alternative to a heavy roller. The LH700 allows the operator to meet strict quality and efficiency targets on the largest of jobs in three ways.


The first is sheer power and capacity to compact thick layers. The LH700 are our most powerful reversible plates and they can handle compaction of medium to thick layers of granular soils – from sand to rock fill. The ratio of size and compaction capacity also makes these machines a flexible and economical alternative to a roller in remote locations or confined spaces.

The second way is by being easy to use. You can control the power equivalent of a 10-ton roller with just the tip of your finger.

The third way we help make you profitable is by creating uptime. The hydraulic transmission increases reliability with no concerns about burnt out clutches or failing belts. Efficient engines from renowned manufacturers keep life cycle costs down and the robust construction with heavy duty components keep them up and running.

With standard features such as a solid steel frame, built in lifting point, Hardox 400 steel bottom plate, throttle and directional control located on the vibration reduced handle, hour meter, oil level warning lights and protection covers for the engine area the LH700 is an easy to use plate compactor that won’t let you down. The LH700 Diesel model comes equipped with a powerful Hatz 1D90V Diesel electric start engine.

Unlike other forward and reversible plate compactors in the range, the LH700 has exchangeable extension plates meaning the machine can easily be operated at any of the three width options by simply adding/subtracting the plate assemblies.

Available plate widths and operating weights:

660mm wide – 780KG

810mm wide (base plate plus 2 x 75mm extensions) – 809KG

960mm wide (base plate plus 2 x 150mm extensions) – 829KG

Quick Spec

Operating Weight (basic/wide)
Engine Make & Model
Hatz 1D90V
Rated Power
Plate Width/Length

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