The CA6000PD are heavy rollers designed for the toughest compaction applications. Rockfill can be compacted in 2-meter thick layers, in which the size of the rocks can be up to 1 meter in diameter. The smooth drum shell thickness is 48 mm, which gives a long productive lifetime for compaction of rockfill, gravel and sand. Pad-foot drum is available for compaction of silt and clay materials. These rollers are a great investment for the bigger projects as compaction performance and capacity are outstanding.

Padfoot rollers are sometimes incorrectly referred to as sheepsfoot rollers.

Quick Spec

Standard Operating Weight CE
Maximum Operating Weight
Engine Make & Model
Deutz TCD2012L062V (IIIA/3)
Rated Power KW@RPM
150kW@2,200rpm (204hp)
Drum Width