Dynapac pavers are under continuous development, always focusing on paving processes and paving quality as well as building in higher reliability. The new Citypaver has a laying capacity of 350t/h and covers paving widths from 0.70 m up to 4.70 m. It is ideal for streets and city road constructions and a perfect fit on repair jobs. The 2016 generation is marked by the introduction of the SD series into the Citypaver class. it means that all the paving controls provided by PaveManager 2.0, which are well known from the Large SD Dynapac Pavers, are now present in this product range.

Quick Spec

Standard Operating Weight CE
Hopper Capacity
Engine Make & Model
Deutz TD2.9L (T3)
Rated Power KW@RPM
Paving Width Min/Basic/Extended/Max(m)