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Our range of compaction equipment will take your productivity to a whole new level. Outstanding compaction efficiency enables you to squeeze more into your daily schedule.

Our range of rammers, forward plates, reversible plates, duplex and trench rollers can be used on a variety of applications including minor and major trench work, sub divisions, landscaping, concrete slab preparations, asphalt paving and patch work on materials such as cohesive soils, asphalt and granular soils from sand all the way up to large diameter gravel. With the use of a block paving kit our machines can also be used to compact paver blocks.

When you get down to business there are three areas Atlas Copco light compaction does best: easy, safe operation and impressive uptime.

Compact and easy to use, the LF50 Petrol is a small soil forward plate with big performance. The LF50 is reliable, easy to maintain and fuel efficient. The LF50 weighs 53kg and has a base plate width of 320mm. The soil LF range of vibration plates can be used in any soil, sand and gravel