Compact and easy to use, the LF50 Petrol is a small soil forward plate with big performance. The LF50 is reliable, easy to maintain and fuel efficient. The LF50 weighs 53kg and has a base plate width of 320mm. The soil LF range of vibration plates can be used in any soil, sand and gravel

Atlas Copco forward plates all have one thing in common – they keep you going without interruption. No matter what material you’re working on Atlas Copco has the product for you, with a range covering both asphalt and soil compaction the plates are perfect for repair and maintenance work, such as driveways, pathways and parking lots. All forward plates are equipped with a patented reduced vibration handle that gives very low hand/arm vibration, compared to conventional handles allowing you to work for longer with more precision and without risking your safety. The complete range covers weight classes from 53 to 141kg and plate widths from 320 to 500mm.

Filter Plate Compactors

50kg 850kg

320mm 960mm