Underground Construction

HammerHead Trenchless


American Augers




Vacuum Excavators

Vacuum Excavation processes have become popular in the past 15 years. Hydro and Air Excavation machines utilize the cutting power of high-pressure water and air along with a powerful vacuum for a wide variety of uses. Applications include potholing (utility location), sewer jetting (clearing sewer lines), pit cleaning (sumps and catch basin cleaning), environmental cleanup

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Maxi Rig Directional Drills

American Augers offer track machines or trailer or skid mounted configurations. Each drill is designed with maximum horsepower, ability to maintain a long work life and for versatile use. The American Augers’ rack and pinion drive provide smoother carriage movement, more precise operating control, longer system life, with less wear, and there are no complicated

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Mid Sized Directional Drills

The latest midsize horizontal directional drilling rig from American Augers is the DD-155T, which features a low noise design with advanced Quiet Pak technology, 30,000 ft-lbs. of torque and unique drilling angles from 12 to 22 degrees. These and other multi-functional job-easing options make this a versatile machine for any arsenal. The DD-155T is well-suited

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Utiliguard Locator

When locating utilities, accuracy is everything. More accuracy means less risk. So we packed the Subsite Electronics UtiliGuard® multi-frequency locator with accuracy-enhancing features, highlighted by Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM®) technology, which automatically recommends the best frequency. UtiliGuard also has a 12-watt transmitter that sends signals farther, an easier-to-read display and many other features you won’t

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830RT Locator

Identifying and tracing gas and water utility lines can be tricky business. A simple way to improve your frequency of success is the Subsite Electronics 830R/T utility locating system. Made to withstand the demands of rugged jobsites, the exceptionally easy-to-use 830R/T offers outstanding performance at a very high active frequency. In short, the 830R/T has

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Green Ops System

Subsite pioneered the Green Ops Process with new technologies that make a safer, more productive HDD jobsite possible. The goal: provide complete Underground Awareness™. When you know what’s below and you can share that knowledge quickly and easily when needed, you can do your job more safely and more profitably.

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Subsite Beacons

Subsite® Electronics offers a complete line of versatile, money-saving HDD Beacons. The new 15T, 17T and 19T beacons are available in one, three or four frequencies and deliver the versatility of three field-configurable power levels plus automatic tuning circuitry that adjusts to match the housing the operator is using. All Subsite HDD beacons are repairable—an

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Commander Display

The Subsite® Commander 7 HDD Guidance Display is our most advanced display ever, delivering vital tracking data to both the tracker operator and the drill operator. Offering enhanced capabilities to the TK RECON™ Series HDD Guidance System, the Commander 7 is compatible with both Apple®iOS and Android™ devices and features an expanded communication range, faster

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TK Recon Tracker

The Subsite® TK RECON Series HDD Guidance System features proven TK performance with dual locating methods (walkover and Drill-To™), making it easy for experienced and novice operators. The TK RECON even lets you map your bore using GPS. With an industry-leading depth range of up to 110 feet (33.5 m) and new features including improved

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A range of Hammerhead winches are available through ELB Equipment.

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Bursting Hammers

The Hammerhead Impactor line of Smart Hammers combines proven pneumatic hammer technology with the horizontal directional drill to provide a revolutionary method of installing new pipe or replacing water and wastewater mainline pipes. With Impactor hammers, pipe can be installed or replaced at a faster rate than with traditional systems and with less surface disturbance.

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100XT Burster

Designed with the contractor in mind, the HB100 has the muscle to replace pipes up to 16”(400mm), yet compact enough to efficiently replace pipes as small as 4” (100mm). The versatility of the HB100 allows you to bid a wide range of pipe bursting projects in sewer, water and gas. Slitting accessories are readily available

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HB5058 Burster

Hammerhead HydroBurst static bursting systems utilize hydraulic rams and light weight threaded pipe to burst larger diameter lines, longer lines, lines in tougher soils, or when upsizing is desired. With units ranging from 50 to 200 tons of pulling force, Hammerhead static bursters can tackle any job.

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PB30 Lightning Burster

The Hammerhead PortaBurst PB30 and PB30 Lightning allow for lateral line bursting with little fuss and the smallest possible surface impact. Utilizing a hydraulic ram and cable design and driven by a small 13 to 20hp power pack, the PB30 delivers 30 tons of pulling force at a rate of about 3 metres per minute.

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Striker Wear Rings

Wear rings eliminate metal to metal contact decreasing wear and offering a sustained level of performance. Made of a specially designed composite, these rings offer a very low coefficient of friction and have a higher abrasion resistance compared to Teflon rings used in competitive tools.

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Original Clamped Rear Anvil

Don’t settle for imitations. This original and field tested design provides for fast and easy field maintenance, the hallmark of the entire HammerHead Mole piercing tool line. Provides 200% more clamp load and is the most secure and proven assembly available.

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Debris Free Tailcone

Designed to eliminate the introduction of debris into the tool body, increasing overall production and tool life.

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Power Port Reverse

This patented quarter-turn reverse feature pneumatically locks the tool into forward or reverse gear, preventing accidental direction change during the bore. The valve whip is designed to be flexible, preventing tool binding if a bore collapse occurs.

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Hammerhead Replaceable Head

The HammerHead original piercing tools are ideal for regular and soft soils. The ability to easily change the replaceable head leads to longer tool body life. Original piercing tools are available in 2” to 8” (50mm to 200 mm) models.

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Active Head

HammerHead Active Head® Mole piercing tools are specially designed to perform in adverse ground conditions. The reciprocating head design features a double-strike system that utilizes the initial impact force to increase production in difficult soils such as cobble, hard clay and hardpan. The specially designed head / body retaining system and replaceable wear rings on

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The revolutionary Catamount line of piercing tools from HammerHead offers the industry a reciprocating head tool that is easy to start, regardless of air pressure level, and is the first pneumatic piercing tool head effective in both hard and soft soil conditions. HammerHead designed the Catamount so the head is driven by air that resets

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